Position Description

Democracy Coach (DC) Position Description

Generation Citizen Democracy Coaches are the heart and soul of a chapter. They are service-oriented students passionate about education and political advocacy. They partner with teachers in middle or high school classrooms and teach an innovative twice-weekly action-based civics curriculum. Coaches will teach students how to identify a community issue that matters to them, create a focused, strategic action plan, and then take real-world action on it. This position is open to the entire student body. Should students pass the application due date, they are encouraged to apply for the Civic Ally position which is always open.


Your students will lobby elected officials, write opinion pieces for newspapers, speak at press conferences, introduce legislation, and make documentaries to advance solutions to important community issues. Each semester culminates in a Civics Day, where students present their projects to elected official and community members. As Democracy Coaches become more familiar with their role, they will have the opportunity to take on additional leadership roles and receive specialized training.


Time Commitment for Democracy Coaches:

5‐7 hours/week (2 hours teaching, 2 lesson planning, 1 for chapter meeting, 1+ commuting)


Compensation: Unpaid


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Civic Ally (CA) Position Description

Civics Allies are enthusiastic stewards of the Generation Citizen movement. For students unable to commit to the Democracy Coach role, becoming a Civic Ally allows them to join and get to know a community of like-minded peers, learn important educational and advocacy skills, support the work and success of their friends in the classroom, teach campus peers how to lead effective advocacy, and strengthen and grow their GC chapter. This role is designed to be flexible, according to Allies’ interests and abilities. The CA position is open to the entire school community year-round so that the student body can be involved in the club’s mission.


Possible Civic Ally activities include:

  • Leading advocacy workshops for other organizations on campus
  • Organizing and hosting campus-wide educational events, including movie screenings, guest lectures, article clubs or “fireside chats,” and panel discussions
  • Registering voters
  • Participating in chapter weekly meetings
  • Conducting GC classroom observations and reviewing feedback with Democracy Coaches and Chapter Directors
  • Conducting research to support Democracy Coaches’ action plans
  • Facilitating mini-trainings for the chapter according to individual expertise
  • Coordinating outreach activities on campus, including posting fliers and tabling
  • Volunteering at GC’s end-of-semester Civics Day event
  • Planning GC community-building events
  • Attending GC citywide events, including book club meetings, professional development workshops, and civic lectures
  • Assisting with building resources such as our newsletter, weekly agendas, and worksheets


Time Commitment for Civic Allies:

1-3 hours/week, as desired


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Recipient of "Dean Emmanuel Heller Meritorious Service Award," Spring 2014

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